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Safety of navigation and labour protection

For the purpose of ensuring safety of navigation, accident-free ships’ operation, environmental protection, accident prevention and safety of life at sea the Companys activities are governed by the requirements of International Conventions (SOLAS-74, MARPOL 73/78, STCW-78, etc.), International Codes (ISM Code, ISPS Code, ILSA Code), resolutions of International Maritime Organization (IMO), Federal Laws of the Russian Federation (Merchant Shipping Code of the RF, Law on Sea Ports, the General Rules of Navigation and Moorage of Vessels in Seaports of the Russian Federation and approaches to them, Law on Inland Waterways, Territorial Waters and Contiguous Zone of the RF, etc.), normative documents of the Transport Ministry of Russia and Federal Agency for Sea and Inland Water Transport. PJSC “Fleet NCSP” has developed, implemented and successfully applies Safety Management System (SMS), its functional characteristics ensuring increase of navigation safety, provision of vessels operation security; by means of documenting procedures and workmanship instructions, the safety management skills of shore and ship personnel are being constantly improved including readiness to emergency situations in the terms of both safety and environmental protection.


The assessment of work places in terms of labour conditions has been carried out according to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation; every vessel and administration building have certificates of safety. The Labour Safety Management System has been developed and implemented. Daily supervision for adherence to safety rules on vessels and shore structures is carried out.





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