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PJSC "Fleet of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port" is the biggest company among the similar companies in Russian ports, rendering wide variety of auxiliary fleet services, indispensable for providing continuous and safe operations of the Sea Port of Novorossiysk, as well as carrying out services of bunkering vessels with fuel and fresh water. Auxiliary fleet services offered by the Company include:

- towage service, mooring and unmooring of vessels;
- fire safety provision of technological operations of loading / discharging dangerous cargoes;
- removal and transportation of bilge waters, sewage waters and solid domestic waste from the ships entering the port;
- cleaning port water area from floating waste;
- services of delivering state customs inspection commissions, crew members and passengers of the vessels on the road. 

Interaction with customers

The Company concludes contracts with counteragents on all types of rendered services.


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phone: 8(8617)60-2300, 60-2142
353900, Russia, Krasnodar region,
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